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Christies Beach

Start of Appointment

Come and join me in my quiet peaceful location. Where I’l pamper you from head to toe.

Once arrived I will greet you at the door then escort you to the room. The minute you walk in you will feel like you’re in heaven.

With the fruity scented smell of lightly scented candles, the heavenly aroma of lavender and sweet almond oil.

Along with the sound of calm soothing music to relax the mind and heal the soul. Encouraging you to feel relaxed and at ease.

Once we have entered the room and you feel relaxed, I’l ask you to make yourself comfortable and whether you want to be clothed or unclothed. Dress or undress to your level of comfort and or desire.



Massage Therapist

My Mission

I am a passionate, experienced therapeutic massage therapist. Who’s Willing to dedicate my time and skills into promoting the healing and relaxation of individuals.

Through the implementation of comprehensive massage treatments, tailored to individual requirements, counteracting symptoms of stress, muscle tension and high blood pressure enhancing and restoring individual mind body wellness.

Through the application of various long, smooth, strokes motions and sequences.


Effluerage, petrissage, full body massage, therapeutic massage, Head massage, facial massage, neck and shoulder massage, back massage,butt-massage, abdominal massage, leg massage, hand massage and foot massage.


3 years experience providing professional, person centred full body massage experiences to clients.

Personal Attributes

Passionate, authentic, open minded, non judgemental and respectful.

Service Delivery

Treatment Centre/Call out visit

I can visit you in the comfort of your own

Hotel Room

Available 7 Days

Flexible Hours
Text, Call or Email for Appointment


(M) 0411191792
(E) johnosmassage@outlook.com
(W) massageinheaven.net

Massage Benefits

Reduces muscle tension
Alleviates stress and anxiety
Improves blood circulation
Regulates blood pressure
Increases joint movement
Treats lower back pain
Treats symptoms of depression
Reduces tension headache frequency
Enhances energy and performance
Improves overall quality of life

“Invest in Your Body”

Make “Massage”

Apart of Your

“Daily Schedule”

Stress Management Massage

Stressed from daily workplace demands and responsibilities? Suffer from chronic anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder?

Experiencing Post-natel back, neck and shoulder pain? Or stressed from strict academic expectations and deadlines?

Excessive stress can cause major malfunctiong to the immune, respitory,
muscular skeletal and central nervous systems. So it’s important we listen to our bodies by providing it with the daily tender loving care and attention that it needs.

So do yourself and your body a favour and treat yourself to a therapeutic, highly delightful Stress relief massage experience. Tailored to individual requirements.

Where I will pamper you from head to toe, stimulating the central nervous system with lightly scented cocoa butter body oil, taking you on a pure journey of relaxation and happiness.

When it comes to the workplace we deal with all kinds of stress. Such as high demand, strict deadlines, stress from co-workers, overload and long hours.

So make it apart of your daily schedule to book a massage after work.

A massage after work will not only benefit your work ethic but also have a positive impact on your home, relationships and personal life.

Regular Massage

Reduces stress

Massage techniques create a relaxation response which alleviates muscle tension, boosts the immune system decreasing the effects of stress.

Improves blood circulation

The pressure applied by the massage technique moves blood through the body. Releasing the same pressure causes new blood to flow in applying friction techniques between the skin and fingers. These techniques help increase healing, decrease any discomfort and minimize swelling.

Increases flexibility 

Having a massage on a regular basis can improve your flexibility by rubbing and stroking the muscles, connective tissues, tendons and joints. Allowing for more frequent movement and flexibility through joints.

Reduces stiffness 

Long smooth strokes and pressure relax muscle tissue. Which reduces the chances of painful muscle contractions or spasms.

Treats anxiety & depression

 Serotonin known as one of the body’s anti pain mechanisms increases by an average of 28%. An increase in serotonin boosts your body’s ability to fight pain and anxiety.

After receiving the massage, the body will feel relaxed allowing the individual to let go of negative thoughts or feelings of stress or sadness.

Enhances well-being 

A relaxation massage will relax muscle tissue. Which in return leads to decreased strain on the nerves,
increased joint movement and improves blood pressure and circulation throughout the body.

Treatment sports injuries

Applying pressure to the muscles can improve blood flow and muscles become warmer.

A relaxation massage will help in the healing of swelling, improve circulation to the injured area. It will also support flexibility and the range of motion, reducing chances of injury.

Relieves chronic injuries

A massage will help to enhance and restore bodily functions by manipulating the body’s soft tissue. In order to improve and maintain physical and mental well-being.

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“My lower back was in agony! After having a hot oil massage today, It feels great.”

Rick Hodge

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