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Enhance & Restore Mind Body Wellness


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Relax Recharge Release Unnecessary Muscle Tension, Stress and Anxiety

Massage in Heaven Promotes individual relaxation through Full body relaxation massage therapy enhancing and restoring mind body wellness.

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Massage Therapist


Johno is a passionate and highly skilled therapeutic massage therapist, located in the Adelaide Southern metropolitan area.

Johno dedicates his time and energy towards improving the individual mind, body, wellness of people living with stress, anxiety, muscular tension and lower-back pain

By implementing therapeutic long circular strokes and motions, manipulating the central nervous system, encouraging the release of endorphins. Placing the client in a state of deep relaxation.


Johno is a person centred massage practitioner with 3 years experience providing therapeutic mind body massage therapy to clients throughout Australia. Treating individuals suffering from anxiety, stress, muscular tension, high blood pressure, sciatica and lower-back pain.


Johno specialises in full body relaxation therapy treatments. Such as full body mind body massage, neck and shoulder massage, back massage, leg massage, face massage and foot reflexology

Johno demonstrates and performs a combination of rythmic motions and sequences from a variety of full body massage modalities from around the world, enhancing and restoring individual mind body wellness.

Mind Body Massage

Stress can have “severe” impacts on our body’s! Making it hard to sustain a healthy quality of life. My Mind body massage therapy focuses on the treatment and healing of individual psychological health and wellness

Allowing individuals to feel a sense of inner harmony and clarity, through the implementation of soothing long and circular strokes and motions. Counteracting stress by reducing cortisol the body’s major stress hormone and encouraging the release of endorphins, known as the major hormones that contribute to happiness and placing you in a state of euphoria.

Performed with gentle touch and warm oil, channeling positive energy throughout the entire body. Reducing stress easing muscular tension, strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation, along withpromoting relaxation and quality of life.

"Massage in Heaven"

Massage Prices

$160 2hours
$100 90mins
$60 Hour
$30 Half hour

Massage Treatments

Mind Body Massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Back Massage
Leg Massage
Face Massage
Butt Massage
Foot Reflexology

Treatment sports injuries

Applying pressure to the muscles can improve blood flow and muscles become warmer.

A relaxation massage will help in the healing of swelling, improve circulation to the injured area. It will also support flexibility and the range of motion, reducing chances of injury.

Relieves chronic injuries

A massage will help to enhance and restore bodily functions by manipulating the body’s soft tissue. In order to improve and maintain physical and mental well-being.

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